According to the dictionary, "passion: Vehement desire for something." For us, it is the maximum expression of attachment. In this case, not to the cork stopper or the oak barrels, which is the medium, but to the wine, which is our true obsession. A passion for wine means respect, admiration, sacrifice, preoccupation.

An intense and constant effort to offer you the best of ourselves: a means of remaining permanently loyal to the quality and art with which it was conceived. Our form of understanding the cork stopper and the oak barrel can be explained in a single phrase: A passion for wine.

Obviously, this is the sensitive dimension of our work, the spirit that inspires our activity, which culminates in a technical and human process that involves the ability to pamper corks and barrels from the very outset.

Thus, the selection of the source, the moment of its stripping from the trees, the care with which it is preserved, the detail the manufacturing activity, the organoleptic analysis, the quality controls and traceability, the storage and transportation, among many others, make up the technical component of this passion.

In order to understand this obsession and devotion, it is necessary to understand what it means to us to be the repository of over 135 years of manufacturing quality corks and over 180 years of manufacturing Magreñán barrels.